I’m stuck on you, velcro

Despite all the velcro, this was not a pile that wanted to stay together. And yes, I get dressed for PT before I go to sleep. Shut up.

We got back from JFTX Sunday evening, and I finally picked up all my laundry from the laundry room…which had turned into a battlefield.   Seeing every single uniform I have sprawled about on the counters finally made me grateful that this isn’t one of those schools that charges us to use the machines.

On this note, I just found out that next year I will have a smaller room (ugh), but it will be a single this time so I won’t have to feel bad  about claiming both of the square feet of floor space that my roommate and I share this year.  When I’m organized and on top of things (this is rare), so is my gear– I have to relegate it to the top of my closet, so getting it down before lab is a bunch of shenanigans.

Oddly enough, insufficient storage space has given my room permanent mood lighting...because one of my lights is covered.

Also, note to self: stop trying to ride your bike to the Armory with full ruck, LBE, sleep system and duffel bag.  It does not work very well.  And the security guard always looks at you funny.

Stay posted for an “after action report” about the JFTX.  I’m still folding at this point.