This is (forward) March

It seems perfect that I am writing my first entry for this blog during Midterms Week (this is Princeton, so yes, I just capitalized that).

It is nearing midnight, and I am definitely not prepared for my Democratic Theory exam nor am I ready to give my Spanish presentation tomorrow morning.  I am seriously procrastinating.

Which makes me, in this way,  like almost every other student here.

But in another way, I am extremely unique – I am a member of Army ROTC, and what’s more, a member of one of the very few ROTC programs still attached to an Ivy League school.


I wanted to make this site because I took an exhaustive survey (I googled for a couple minutes) and I didn’t find any cadet-run, cadet-maintained forum like the one I imagined should exist.

One that would:

  • Let newbies to the ROTC world get a feel of the program and its opportunities and quirks (good and bad) by following the journey of a certain ridiculously awesome cadet, or certain ridiculously awesome cadets
  • Engage college-age peers of all attitudes toward the military
  • Keep alumni informed of Tiger Battalion activity in a (hopefully entertaining, definitely less formal) way
  • Demonstrate effective use of bullet points

I don’t pretend to know everything, and that’s why I think this will be an exciting project.  You will get to watch me progress.  Digress.  Confess.  Go to press.

And procrastinate.