Come run with us! and thoughts on summer

This coming Sunday, ROTC is hosting a 5k right here on campus in support of Hope for the Warriors, a great program that helps out wounded heroes and their families.

There are many ways to support this cause, but you should run.. (more…)


Spring sprain

I have been looking forward to this ski trip for quite a few weeks, and now that I’m here in Vermont, the reality is meeting all of my expectations.

Of course, like many before me I have discovered how difficult it is to train during spring break.

Since the beginning of the semester, I have been working towards the goal of a half marathon.  Imagining myself drowning in some New Jersey mud hole – hours behind the competition – has been a good motivator these last few weeks.

I have managed to make it to Monday PT after long Sunday runs and even found a way to train when my trusty canal towpath was snowed over.

But now, now I’m on vacation, and this hotel bedspread might look like bad McDonald’s wallpaper but it feels sooooo comfortable.

Luckily, I came with a great group of friends, most of whom I have run with before.  I had no problem finding people crazy enough to postpone the hot tub and go for a run after the lifts closed.

Yesterday we quickly ran out of roads.  I’m not sure if the cars full of departing day-skiers were more shocked that we were running or that we were running in shorts and t-shirts.

Eventually, boredom and curiosity led us to the snowshoe trails (I think that’s what they were?) and we spend a good quarter-hour stomping around gullies and future ski runs. At that point I congratulated myself for having worn my slightly embarrassing but impressively sparkly knee socks.

Back in the hotel room, I cramped myself between the beds and knocked out some push-ups.  It was like that old Febreze commercial…except the smell of the carpet encouraged me more on the 2 and the 4 count instead of the 1 and the 3.

Anyway, next week we have everyone’s favorite APFT, so there are even more reasons to keep this up.  I need to work hard if I want to get my sit-up score back in the 90 range and I was so close to maxing on push-ups last time…

Now I just need to find some sanity and take it easier on the slopes.  As fun as this afternoon was, I don’t think it will help anyone if I become better friends with the ski patrol guys.  Where did my ice go?